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1-1 Personal Training

Patsy operates her personal training service in and around the beautiful city of Bath.

Training can take place at a location of your choice, this includes your place of work, a local gym, outside at a park or in the comfort of your own home or back garden.

Personal training (1-1) sessions are ideal for any number of reasons, you may have lost your confidence in exercise and need some advice and practice to get you back to the gym or your local class, be post pregnancy looking to get your pre pregnancy body back, looking to drop a dress size before your wedding, a gentle return to fitness after an injury or maybe you are thinking of giving pilates a go but don’t know what a knee fold or roll down is? Patsy has experience in helping clients with all of these issues and lots of her clients stay with her moving onto her classes.

In 1-1 sessions with Patsy she focuses on teaching you the correct technique for every exercise you perform which arms you with the knowledge and confidence that you are working your body in the optimum position for maximum improvement and change. Programs are changed regularly to keep the body working effectively and to keep the clients from getting bored. Patsy prefers to exercise without the use of fixed equipment, she favours free weight, kettlebells and the TRX.

Nutritional advice is another area Patsy is able to help: has you weight loss stopped, do you feel you are gaining weight and don’t know why? Are you unsure about what you should and shouldn’t be eating to maintain a healthy diet? We all know if you listen to or read what’s in the media this can be very confusing. Patsy is able to offer weight loss diet plans (although she prefers to call it a lifestyle change rather than a diet) or you may just be seeking a bit of advice about food groups to avoid. Drop Patsy an email with your concerns.

Patsy can also offer small group training sessions, which can be a great way to socialise with friends whilst getting fit and this of course is a cheaper option than 1-1 sessions.


1-1 daytime session between 9am-4pm
within Bath City £30 per hour
outside of Bath £35 per hour

1-1 evening session 4.30pm-8pm
within Bath City £35 per hour
outside of Bath £40 per hour

Group sessions 9am-4pm
within Bath City £35 per hour
outside of Bath £40 per hour

Groups sessions 4.30pm-8pm
within Bath City £40 per hour
outside of Bath £45 per hour

Please take a look at Patsy’s testimonial page to see what her clients are saying about their experiences. For more information give Patsy a call or send her an email and she can arrange to meet you for a no obligation consultation.

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