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The Pilates method is not a new age phenomenon, and has in fact been around for over 80 years. Its founder, Joseph Hubertus Pilates, was born in 1880 in Germany. He grew up plagued by rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever and through his determination to overcome his health problems he studied and developed an exercise programme that assisted in restoring him to optimal health.

Many of the exercise beliefs he researched date back to the Greeks and Romans, and through his programme he gained enough strength to become an accomplished body builder, diver, skier and gymnast.

Joseph Pilates observed that where there was a weak or misaligned area in the body a person tended to over compensate or over develop another area. Therefore it was critical not only to correct the misalignment but also to re-educate the body so that injuries did not repeat themselves. He also believed that true well-being could be achieved through physical fitness and positive mental attitude.

Today Pilates has become very popular with the general public of all ages and levels of fitness, some of whom have never embarked upon any form of physical fitness regime before. The slow controlled flowing movements primarily strengthen the ‘core’ muscles that stabilise and support the spine, realign the body and correct postural problems. Pilates brings mind and body together, focusing strongly on total concentration, balance, precision and breathing. For more information on when are where Patsy teaches Pilates see the classes page.

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