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Sophie Hayward

“I have been attending Patsy’s lunchtime Pilates classes at Bath University for several years. As a sufferer of sciatica caused initially by heavy manual work and then triggered by spending extended periods of time sat at my desk at work, I initially tried Pilates as a means of strengthening my lower back and core muscles. Patsy has always advised me on how best to increase my strength in this area whilst ensuring caution to maximise progress and prevent injury. The increase in strength and flexibility in my back was demonstrated by my pain easing even after just one session and repeating some of the stretches at home. The attendance of a weekly class along with a review of my work station set up and continuation of an active lifestyle resulted in a significant reduction in my symptoms after only a few months. The subsequent development of good muscles mass supporting my spine was commented on by an osteopath following a CAT scan at the hospital. I have recently given birth to a baby boy and largely attribute my good health and mobility during pregnancy to my continued attendance of Patsy’s Pilates classes. Once again Patsy has been very accommodating giving me tailored exercises during busy sessions where I was not always able to join in with everyone else. I also believe that my active lifestyle including regular Pilates, walking and swimming during pregnancy (plus breast feeding since) is responsible for my bodies’ swift recovery after childbirth and am thrilled I was able to wear by pre-pregnancy clothes after only 3 weeks! Thanks Patsy”

Christine Vine


“I started personal training sessions with Patsy to regain strength, stamina and fitness after having suffered with a pro-lapsed disc in my lower back for 18 months. Patsy combined cardio activity with weights and Pilates stretches and exercises to gradually build up movement and mobility.

Her ‘back to basics’ approach enabled me to improve gradually but with noticeable improvement each week. Patsy encouraged, praised and then stepped up the pace and intensity almost without me noticing! Each session built on the last and I regained the strength and mobility I wanted in my back. I thoroughly enjoy my PT sessions and don’t want to stop. I certainly need the motivation Patsy inspires in me.”

Simone Smith

simone“I met Patsy at ante-natal classes 16 years ago and she has been a close friend ever since. When our children were school age we took a stronger interest in exercise and took regular gym sessions and classes together. It was obvious back then that Patsy was hooked; she had the exercise bug and had a natural ability mixed with solid determination to do well. Where as I did it to lose weight and get healthy, Patsy found her passion, she was motivated, she was enthusiastic and she was like an exercise robot, never tiring!!!

So, the natural progression was to combine her passion for health and fitness with a career and this she did with great enthusiasm, determination, focus and now with great success. Her style of teaching is very hands on, personal and friendly with a sense of humour, she loves what she does, has a desire to grow professionally and has the ability to train and motivate clients at varying levels. She doesn’t believe in gimmicks, she encourages clients to stay focused, eat and drink right and with the correct exercise help get the results they desire. To feel great on the inside!”

Donna O’Shaunessy (Fit & Fab Class)

“Since starting this friendly class, I have felt much more energised and have improved my flexibility too. There is a lot of variety so it keeps it interesting.

I’m loving the aches so much, I’ve started Patsy’s 4 week detox program also.”

Jeff Manning

jeff “Patsy first started training me about four years ago. She did a great job of training me for a rigorous sailing trip in the South Pacific in 2011 and I felt very well prepared for it.”

Jane Hildreth

“Patsy has been my personal trainer for some time now and my journey with her has bought back a balance to my life which has been sorely missing. A few years ago I was diagnosed with two deteriorating vertebrae and trapped sciatic nerve and this led to a continuous need for some very hands on physiotherapy. However, since Patsy was recommended to me I have developed a regime which has released me back into having the confidence to exercising regularly, all be it only walking, and with the one to one training once a week, I am benefiting profoundly from the strengthening and enabling power that is Pilates. I rarely need Physiotherapy now.

The one to one training has increased my confidence to push myself and stretch out the debilitating tightening of my body. Without the added discipline of having Patsy visit me once a week I suspect my best intentions would fall by the wayside. Her encouraging belief in her work is infectious and I am now a deep believer in the restorative power of her practise. The small adjustments she carefully makes with me for each exercise is so helpful, again giving me the confidence to push myself further, though not too far. Over the past several months now my body has started to feel more in control again.

I can personally recommend Patsy as a lovely, professional teacher who can help change lives through her knowledge and clearly explained practise of Pilates.”

Lisa Howells

I have been a member of Fit and Fab for over a year and I love it, I keep going back. I have a tendency to get bored but Patsy’s class always gives you something different, she makes sure that you work all parts of your body. Even though it’s a class she always takes time to make sure you are doing it right and so feels like a one to one. I also go to Patsy’s other classes, Pilates and Personal Training and because of this I feel I my fitness level and form is better for it.

I know it’s all about the fitness and staying healthy however I have got to know Patsy as a friend and I’ve met many others through her classes too. We support each other through all the classes and that’s how Patsy inspires us through encouragement always springing variety into all her classes.

Dr Hilary Johnson

hilary“When I was really quite young I injured my back, resulting in two lumbar bulging discs which gradually improved. Then I moved very heavy furniture when we relocated to Bath and damaged the discs again, much worse this time. After physiotherapy for 18 months, my mobility and walking slowly improved to the extent that Pilates exercises were recommended. By sheer luck I found a Pilates teacher who I saw regularly for over four years. I progressed to her advanced extra Pilates classes. Then suddenly she announced she was going abroad to work. The next two years were a real disaster, my fitness and mobility suffered and each recommended teacher failed to motivate or inspire me. I learnt during this time how much I appreciate good health and how instrumental it is to one’s self esteem and well being. By another bit of sheer luck someone at the university out of the blue said there was a new Pilates teacher taking classes and how she had enjoyed the class. I booked a class for the next day and the rest is history.

I feel privileged to have found Patsy, and have now been taking her classes at the university for well over two years and her evening classes as well. The classes are the best part of my day, I really enjoy them and try my best. I find Patsy a real inspiration, and again I’m improving and the suppleness and mobility have returned. Patsy makes the classes interesting, motivating and definitely not boring. She has a good sense of humour, is friendly and thoughtful and corrects you kindly rather than making you feel you are being picked on. I could not have improved without the class, so thanks Patsy.”

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